About Us

I toyed with the idea of designing cowhide accessories for a couple of years. I was going through a divorce and didn't have the focus, or the energy to commit to much besides making it through the day. Eventually the divorce came to an end and there came a time when I either abandoned my dream or persued it. If I could make it through the divorce I could make it through anything, right?! Besides, I wouldn't of been able to forgive myself if I didn't at least try. So here I am, after months of trial, error, stumbling blocks, hiccups, roadblocks, photo shoots, and more support than I could ever of imagined (you all know who you are) Seam Reap has evolved!

All of the cowhides are personally hand picked from top quality Brazilian/Italian hides. I source all materials in the USA, and all the leather hides used are byproducts of the food industry 
I design, make templates, cut, punch holes, make tassels, brand, emboss, stamp, and sew my cardholders, passport holders, and keychains by hand in San Diego.
My clutches and purses are assembled flawlessly on heavy duty sewing machines by my partner Luis. An incredibly creative, talented, hardworking dude who also lives in San Diego.

What makes my product unique? Not only the variety of cowhides, linings, shapes, & sizes. Also the texture, they're soft, supple, and sleek to touch. Not to mention super stylish!